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 pdficon large To apply, click here to download the official Million Dollar Challenge application.
The text of the application appears below.


This document ("The Application") outlines the offer made by the James Randi Educational Foundation ("JREF") concerning psychic, supernatural, or paranormal claims. The Applicant must agree to the conditions, rules, and limitations stated herein and supply the required information before they can be considered for any test. This Application is Version 2.0, dated March 9, 2011, supersedes and replaces any previous version of the Application, and is the only version currently accepted.

This Application should be sent to: 

James Randi Educational Foundation
Million Dollar Challenge
2941 Fairview Park Drive, Ste 105
Falls Church, VA 22042 USA


The JREF will pay US$1,000,000 (One Million US Dollars) ("The Prize") to any person who demonstrates any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability under satisfactory observation. Such demonstration must take place under the rules and limitations described in this document. An applicant can be from or in any part of the world. Gender, race, and educational background are not factors for acceptance. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter into binding agreements.

Applicants must state clearly what they claim as the special ability for which they wish to be tested.

Incomplete applications will be ignored. If a complete application is rejected, the Applicant will be notified in writing with a brief statement of the reason.

If the application is accepted, testing protocols will then be developed in consultation with the Applicant, who must provide clear guidelines so that the test(s) may be properly designed and carried out to the mutual agreement of the JREF and the Applicant. The JREF may consult with experts, including statisticians, magicians, and others with specialized knowledge relevant to the claim. James Randi may or may not be present at these tests, but he will not interact with the materials used nor interfere with the protocol once a test is underway.

Conjectures, hypotheses, or explanations of how the claimed powers might work may sometimes be considered as part of the protocol development. However, it is not necessary to include them in this application. The goal of this Challenge is a successful demonstration according to the agreed protocol. Only claims that can be verified by evidence under proper observing conditions are acceptable. The JREF will not test claims that are likely to cause injury of any sort, such as those involving the withholding of air, food, or water, or the use of illicit materials, drugs, or dangerous devices.

Once the Application is accepted, the JREF may request additional information in order to develop appropriate protocols for testing. During this process, the Applicant may be asked for a non-binding demonstration of the ability under conditions that approximate the proposed protocol. This provides an opportunity for the Applicant and the JREF to ensure that the proposed protocol will be a fair and appropriate test of the claim. After protocols are agreed upon by the JREF and the Applicant, the Applicant will be considered to be a Claimant and will receive a copy of this application and protocols, signed by James Randi or another representative of the JREF. At that point, the Claimant will become eligible for the Preliminary Test, which, if successful, will result in the Formal Test. The Formal Test is the final phase of testing, and will be conducted at the JREF office in Los Angeles, California, or at another location of the JREF's choosing.

The JREF may choose to waive any step in the application, protocol development, or Preliminary Test process, in order to make it easier for serious claims to be tested.

After the Preliminary Test has been passed, and at the time of the Formal Test, an independent person will hold a certified check from the JREF for US$10,000.  In the event that the Claimant is successful under the agreed-upon terms and conditions, that check shall be immediately surrendered to the Claimant, and within ten days the JREF will pay to the Claimant the remainder of the Prize. The JREF maintains at least one million dollars in liquid securities with an investment firm in New York. Validation of this account and its current status may be obtained on the web page.

If the Prize is awarded, this would not mean that the JREF acknowledges the existence of the supernatural. However, the JREF will publicly acknowledge that the Claimant has met the Challenge.

This offer is made and administered by the JREF, and no one may negotiate or make any changes, except as set forth in writing by an officer of the JREF. The JREF will not deposit the Prize in escrow, display it in cash, or otherwise produce it in advance of the test being performed.


  1. This is the primary and most important of these rules: The Applicant must state clearly, in advance, and the Applicant and the JREF must agree upon, what powers or abilities will be demonstrated, the limits of the proposed demonstration so far as time, location and other variables are concerned, and what will constitute both a positive and a negative result.
  2. Only an actual performance of the stated nature and scope, within the agreed-upon limits, will be accepted. Anecdotal accounts or records of previous events are not acceptable.
  3. The Applicant agrees that all materials and peripheral properties (photographic, recorded, written, etc.) gathered as a result of the test procedure, the protocol, and the actual testing, may be used freely by the JREF.
  4. In all cases, the Applicant will be required to perform a Preliminary Test in a location where a properly authorized representative of the JREF can attend. This Preliminary Test is intended to determine if the Applicant is likely to perform as promised during the Formal Test, using the agreed-upon protocol. To date, no applicant has passed the Preliminary Test, and therefore no Formal Test has yet been conducted. At any time prior to the Formal Test, the JREF reserves the right to re-negotiate the protocol if issues are discovered that would prevent a fair and unbiased test. After an agreement is reached on the protocol, no part of the testing procedure may be changed in any way without an amended agreement, signed by all parties concerned.
  5. All of the Applicant's expenses such as transportation, accommodation, materials, assistants, and all other costs for any persons or procedures incurred in pursuit of the Challenge, are the sole responsibility of the Applicant. Neither the JREF nor any representative of the JREF will bear any of the costs.
  6. All applications and other correspondence must be typewritten or printed by computer and in English. Any English translations must be accompanied by certification of qualifications of the translator.
  7. Following an unsuccessful test or the rejection of their application, the Applicant must wait 12 months before applying again. The Applicant may not apply more than twice.
  8. By accepting this Challenge, the Applicant waives any and all claims against James Randi, the JREF, the JREF's employees, officers, directors, and any other person. This waiver includes, but is not limited to, injury, accident, and damage of any kind, including damage and/or loss of a physical, emotional, financial, and/or professional nature. Notwithstanding anything else in this paragraph, should the Claimant pass the Formal Test, the Claimant does not waive any claims against the JREF that might be necessary to enforce payment of the Prize.


This application must be signed and notarized or officially certified, and must include all of the requested information: full legal name, date of birth, email and mailing addresses, and a description of the claim to be demonstrated in 250 words or less.

In order to establish the serious nature of the application, at least one of the three following items must be provided with this application:

  1. A signed letter of reference from a medical doctor, a faculty member at an accredited university or college, or a professional research scientist (i.e., employed by an industry or government agency) stating that the person should be considered a serious Applicant and that the claim merits testing.
  2. A copy of any article, book, television appearance (other than those published solely on the Internet), or other recognized independent media in which the Applicant and the relevant claim are featured. Self-promotional or self-published accounts do not qualify.
  3. A video (made available electronically or delivered on physical media) in which the Applicant clearly demonstrates the claimed ability. Self-produced videos are permitted. Such video becomes the property of the JREF and the Applicant grants the JREF an irrevocable license to publish or otherwise use the video in any way. Submitting a video is the lowest standard of these three options, and Applicants who choose to provide a video instead of a letter of reference or media sample are not automatically considered for a Preliminary Test and are not entitled to a written explanation of their rejection. The selection of video Applicants for Preliminary Tests may be done by any method, at the JREF's sole discretion.

In all cases, the JREF will determine whether the submission is acceptable.

NOTE: No special rules, exceptions, conditions, standards, or favors will be granted without the advance mutual agreement of all those concerned. Any Applicant who refuses to agree to the rules as outlined herein will not be considered. Only complete agreement with these rules will allow the Applicant to become a Claimant.

The Applicant, by signing, notarizing or otherwise certifying, and submitting this form, signifies agreement with all of the above rules.


 pdficon large To apply, click here to download the official Million Dollar Challenge application.