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Nichol, Agnes (Mrs. Samuel Guppy, ?-1917) A three-hundred-pound, rancorous and jealous English spirit medium who is credited with the first large-scale apports to be experienced at séances, Agnes is better known by her married name, Mrs. Guppy. She produced live flowers, plants, and fish, as well as earth, sand, and various other exotic items, covering her séance table with junk of every description. Her most popular apport was of human body parts and, rarely, an entire human form.
      She was, at the height of her fame, the most prominent of London's mediums, only to fall from popularity when she was accused of trying to disfigure Florence Cook, her petite rival in the business who specialized in full-form materializations.
      At one time Nichol lived with the sister of Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1903), the great British naturalist, who believed completely in her powers and endorsed them.

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