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Dingwall, Dr. Eric J. (1890-1986) Born in Sri Lanka, an anthropologist by training, British scientist Dr. Dingwall became interested in psychical and parapsychological research at an early age, and was renowned as a major investigator of psychic claims. He knew many of the major figures in the field and was highly respected by believers and skeptics. He was an expert in conjuring techniques, and was a member of the London Magic Circle as well as of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). He was also associated with the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
      Dr. Dingwall was a major investigator of Margery Crandon and served as a general gadfly to the SPR. In one instance, when he discovered that the SPR had developed incriminating data on the work of George Soal and had been withholding it, Dingwall insisted that they publish their findings or he would do so. Wisely, they did so.
      A respected and much-loved researcher, Dr. Dingwall abandoned parapsychology in 1969 and died at age ninety-six in 1986 with the conviction that, even though he had failed, ever, to find real evidence of psychic phenomena——especially of survival-after-death, which was the important subject for him——there was probably something there which he had merely failed to find.

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